πŸ€” What is Le Burger Week?

Our week-long festival celebrates the best burgers in Canada. It connects people to restaurants and aims to boost their sales and visibility.

Restaurants create special burgers for the event, and the public visits, tastes, shares their experiences, and votes for the best burger of the week. Each year, our festivals gather over 1,000 restaurants and attract more than 500,000 participants.


🌎 Where does Le Burger Week take place?

All across Canada, right in your restaurant. Are you a Canadian restaurant? You're invited to participate!

People will visit or order from your restaurant, and we help attract customers through engaging and fun marketing and concepts.

Beginning in Montreal 6 years ago, the festival now generates over 150,000 participants in cities including; Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Ottawa, Saskatoon and others. 

πŸ’° How much is it to be an official restaurant in Le Burger Week?

Discover our various packages here, designed to increase your visibility or help you create content!



πŸ“† Important Dates!

  • Registration opens: July 3, 2024
  • Last day to register for Le Burger Week: August 15, 2024
  • Last day to send in Burger information (name, description, photo, price): August 15, 2024
  • Le Burger Week: September 1-8, 2024

πŸ“ˆ What do I get from Le Burger Week?

Our mission is to showcase culinary creativity centered around popular dishes. Participating in Le Burger Week offers several benefits:

  • Attract new customers curious to discover your creations.
  • Benefit from increased visibility through our innovative marketing.
  • Create a unique and memorable experience for your customers and staff.
  • Have fun and engage with the community while participating in a national event.

It's not just about winning, but about seizing the opportunity to get noticed and strengthen your presence.


πŸ” Successful Participation

Whether you already have a burger or not, you can still have a great participation in Le Burger Week. Why not add a burger to your menu for the event?

  1. Create a great burger.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Promote on social media using our digital and mailed promo materials.
  4. Prepare your staff with our guide.
  5. Encourage customers to vote and have fun!

β˜‘οΈ How Does Voting Work?

Encourage customers to vote for your burger after their meal or at purchase with these simple steps:

  1. Visit or use the QR code.
  2. Create an account with Gmail or Facebook.
  3. Vote!

Voting earns customers YUM points for more burgers. (See YUMs section for info) and top-voted restaurants are highlighted on our site throughout the week and all year long.

 For complete contest rules, click here.


🎯 What are YUM Points and How to Redeem Them

They boost engagement and participation. 

Custumers can either earn points in different ways featured here or purchase them on our website and exchange them for burgers at participating restaurants. Accepting YUM points, though optional, is beneficial for your restaurant. Discover the advantages of RESTOYUMs below!

How to Redeem YUM Points:

  1. Scan the customer's QR code with a smartphone camera (no app required, anyone on your team can do it easily).
  2. Click the link that appears on the screen.
  3. Confirm the information, and your transaction will be automatically recorded! (14 days after the festival, you'll receive a detailed statement and the exact amount of your sales).


πŸ₯‡ RestoYUMs: Points for Restaurants!

RestoYUMs are points that only restaurants can earn.

We have created a special ranking for RestoYUMs, providing you with increased visibility and a chance to win in this unique category!

Actions to help you win this category:


2 RestoYUMS

Publication sur FB ou IG en utlisant #LaPoutineWeek

3 RestoYUMS

User check-in at your restaurant

4 RestoYUMS

User vote for your restaurant

5 RestoYUMS

When you sell a pizza using YUM points.

ℹ️ Have More Questions?

Please email our team at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.