πŸ€” What is Le Burger Week?

Le Burger Week is a week-long festival that celebrates the best burgers in Canada. Le Burger Week is an interactive festival that connects people to food.

Restaurants across Canada are carefully selected to create a special burger for the event. Participants engage with the festival by eating original burgers, sharing their experiences on social media, and voting using the Le Burger Week website and app.

πŸ“… When is Le Burger Week?

One week annually, that was the concept. But since our 2-week edition was so appreciated by customers and restaurants, why not continue making it 2 weeks: September 1-14th.

🌎 Where is Le Burger Week?

Le Burger Week is in your restaurant! We bring people from all around town to visit your spot and try your burger.

Beginning in Montreal 11 years ago, the festival now generates over 150,000 participants in cities including; Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Ottawa, Saskatoon and others. This year’s edition will enter new markets in Calgary, Cleveland, Buffalo and Qatar.

πŸ’° How much is Le Burger Week?

The cost for Le Burger Week 2022 is:

$250 CAD plus applicable taxes

πŸ” No burger? No problem.

People in your city have identified your restaurant as one of their favorites. Just because there are no burgers on your menu, doesn’t mean you cannot add one for Le Burger Week.

With subcategories like ‘The Imposter’, ‘The Best Bun’ and ‘Judges’ Choice’, Le Burger Week is a great opportunity to create something extra delicious, exciting and new. Vegetarian, vegan, sushi - even dessert burgers - the possibilities are endless. Exercise your culinary creativity and let your city be the judge!

🌱 Plant-based question?

What do you mean by a plant-based edition of Le Burger Week?

Yeah! We’re jumping on the wave and we’re inviting along for the ride. It’s been in our essence to support the restaurant community and to create a platform where chefs can get creative and have fun. Making a plant-based burger that is delicious is a real challenge and we know it, but that’s exactly the point. We’re hoping to get chefs and restaurants to try something new, or promote an existing option, and to get people to try it out! Are you game? You don’t have the obligation to have a plant-based burger for this edition, but we do encourage you to stick to the theme and have fun with it.

πŸ“£ What do I get from Le Burger Week?

As a restaurant partner, you will receive our team’s unwavering support in helping you generate sales.

  • Social media mentions on our networks for your restaurant and burger
  • Dedicated paid advertising via our social media network for your restaurant
  • Part of our national and local PR campaigns (super popular!)
  • Listing on our official website (super popular!)
  • Your venue will receive marketing assets advertising the festival

❗ Important dates

  • August 20, 2022: Deadline to register in partnership with Sysco or Doordash
  • August 20, 2022: Deadline to complete your profile with all your information on our website (name, description, horizontal photo and price)
  • August 25, 2022: Our website goes live!
  • September 1 st to 14 th , 2022: It's officially Le Burger Week!