Le Burger Week is enhancing your experience by introducing Hamburgames: an interactive gamified experience which allows you to earn Yums and perks during our 2-week long event. Here is breakdown of how it works!

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For foodies

Earn Yums and perks during Le Burger Week by:
Signing up 3 Yums
Voting for a burger 3 Yums
Tagging us with #LeBurgerWeek on Instagram 6 Yums
Making a transaction on LBW 10 Yums

Purchase additional Yums on our website and exchange them for burgers at participating restaurants or other perks!

  • A user can vote for a maximum of 20 restaurants.
  • A user can tag on social media a maximum of 10 times.

# How to redeem your burger?

  1. Find your QR code. Either in your Le Burger Week account or in your email
  2. Show the QR code to the restaurant
  3. Enjoy your burger!

# Yums: Points with benefits

1. Earn badges with your Yums.

Ambassador Shared on social media using the hashtag.
Conoisseur You rated over 20 burgers.
Eater Redeem your first Burger.
Minister Voted for a burger
Signed up Signed up to Le Burger Week 2023

2. Collecting Yums can also get you to win prizes! Compete on the Leaderboard to win DoorDash gift cards.

#1 $500 gift card
#2 $300 gift card
#3 $200 gift card
#4 $150 gift card
#5 $100 gift card

3. Purchase points

$10 1,050 Yums
$20 2,100 Yums
$50 5,500 Yums
canada location@3x canada location@3x

For restaurants

# How to validate a customer's purchase

  1. Use a smartphone to scan the customer’s QR code (no additional apps needed).
  2.  Click the link that appears after scanning.
  3. Confirm the purchase on the validation page: - Verify all the information pertaining to your burger and restaurant is correct.

That's it! You've successfully validated the purchase and will be transferred the funds for the sale.

# Payment Process

All payments received during the event will be totalled.

We will send you an account statement at the end of the event, with all transactions minus our 10% transactions fee.

You will receive payment in full, minus 10% for transaction fees, within 14 days following the end of Le Burger Week.

If for any reason as a restaurant you want to opt out of our campaign, please click here.